An expert’s guide to deciphering fragrance

An expert’s guide to deciphering fragrance

In a way, fragrance has always been able to transport us.

A whiff of coconut and I’m sunbathing on family vacation.

A waft of sandalwood and it’s date night on a Friday.

Scent is our strongest sense, so it’s no wonder that aroma is linked to personal significance, whether it’s a mood, place, or memory. (In fact, there are scientific studies that support why fragrance conjures such distinct associations.)

With that science in mind, I started thinking about my summer fragrance, which I typically re-up around this time of year.

However, when I started perusing fragrances on my phone, I found myself questioning the jargon. Sure the earthy fragrances enticed me, but should I make my decision based on the top, middle, or base note? What the heck does bergamot smell like anyway? Turns out, buying perfume online is just plain tricky.

To avoid playing aroma roulette, I turned to Emily L'Ami, the founder of Bodha, a vibrational natural perfume brand. Below, she makes navigating the fragrance landscape blissfully straightforward. And, spoiler alert, with her tips and tricks, I’m the newly minted owner of Vibration Nº1, an intoxicating, plant-forward formula that transports me to lush, leafy woods. (Even when I’m in my living room.)

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